Game Of Thrones Typo Wolf Fanideaz TShirt

Game Of Thrones Typo Wolf Fanideaz TShirt

The tale from the world of Game of Throne is something that comes only once in a person’s lifetime. Game of Thrones is a show that explores the human nature and tries to find facets that are rarely seen, but the main conflict in this series is not between the forces of good and evil but rather between strong families who want everything that they can lay their hands upon. This depicts two of the biggest houses in the war the Lannisters and the Starks.

The mighty Lannister lion is strong, cunning and crooked while the Dire Wolf of Starks is strong, old and unrelenting. The design on Printed T-shirt is subtle yet very powerful and clear. The Dire Wolf takes the top position its hackles raised and ready to bite while the lion shows its patience and cunning at the bottom. The shapes of the animals are constructed by specific words that define these houses providing the viewers insight into what that houses stand for.

In addition to these two creatures the T-shirt also features one of the most famous quote from the series. This is a clean, crisp and stunning design that would reflect your perfect taste in TV and fashion. A design that tells entire story with a few elements. The design does not create a wonky impression but rather does something amazing and subtle.


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