Wrecking Ball Goku DBZ Fanideaz T Shirt

Wrecking Ball Goku DBZ Fanideaz T Shirt

Art is the name of creating order out of chaos the same principle applies to the world of Dragon Ball Z as well. It is an anime packed with wonderful characters and amazing story lines but at the center of all these story lines stands the main character of Goku. He is the main protagonist of the show and has the power of determination and hard work that can beat any villain who tries to threaten his precious home.

This design celebrates the honest and jovial facet of the Goku’s character. The charismatic design is a play between the world of Dragon Ball Z and the famous song called Wrecking ball. The design uses bold and bright shades to help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. This beautiful Printed T-shirt screams quality in the way it is designed and presented. The details in the character are instantly recognizable making it a piece that would spark several conversations.

The design fits perfectly on the T-shirt, it is neither too little or too large but has an amazing look that would turn eyes towards you wherever you go. The contrast of black and white paired with the bold colors of the design creates an interesting and intense look. A perfect T-shirt for men on any occasion.

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