Assassin’s Creed Crossing Blades FanIdeaz T-Shirt

Assassin’s Creed Crossing Blades FanIdeaz T-Shirt

Assassin’s creed is a franchise that revolutionized the world of gaming. Its rich history and mind boggling action sequences have inspired millions across the globe. The characters in the game are detailed and have a unique personality to them that have inspired several movies, books, cosplays and other artistic works across the globe. This design celebrates the cool legacy of Assassin Creed’s world.

The amazing detail in the design makes the character come to life and add a cool, calm and recognizable design on the Printed T-shirt. The assassin stands tall in all his glory. The unique silvery tones of the design go perfectly well with the white and black color of the T-shirt creating a beautiful blend of colors. This T-shirt for men is the perfect example of how simplicity and quality can combine together to create something unique and stunning.

By wearing this design you would be making a statement about your exemplary taste in fashion, gaming world and pop culture. A current, quality and mesmerizing design that would inspire the people around you and help you break the ice with interesting conversation. Get a bit of the Assassin’s world in your life and celebrate your love for gaming.

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