Goku Pikachu DBZ and Pokemon Parody T-Shirt

Goku Pikachu DBZ and Pokemon Parody T-Shirt

A stunning design inspired by two of the greatest Anime of all time. Pokémon is a long running series that has inspired millions across the world. The most beloved character Pikachu stands proudly in all his elegance and jovial glory. This design is play between the combos of two different universes.

The Pikachu character represented in the colors of Dragon Ball Z universe accomplishes the dreams of millions of fans across the world of seeing both world collide with each other. Pikachu travels on the Goku’s cloud while sporting a Goku uniform.

A perfect cosplay between the two universes to create a sense of perfection that only a few designs can achieve. The design would tug at the strings of your heart with its nostalgic feels. A perfect style statement that pays homage to your childhood inspirations. The beautiful and cute design makes a perfect fashion impression. This amazing design creates a bold and beautiful impression on all those who wear it.

The detailed sketch of Pikachu in a Dragon Ball Z setting increases its pop culture significance tenfold. A cute, current and bold design for any occasion. The details in the character make it pop from this Printed T-shirt creating a sense of perfection and accomplishment.


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