Goku Dragon Ball Z T-Shirt

Goku Dragon Ball Z T-Shirt

Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime across the world. This planetary saga outlines the battel between the forces of good and evil. Dragon Ball Z is a series that became part of the modern pop culture and has inspired movies, books, fashion and world of technology as well. Its fans range from teens to adults and holds the record of being the most watched anime across the world.

This design celebrates the same nostalgia that you associate with Dragon Ball Z. A cool, calm and angry Goku stands proudly on the shirt expressing his strength and ability to stand against any evil. The crisp and detailed caricature creates a stunning beauty that looks fashionable, classy and elegant. The unique breakage of the character at the bottom lends it an amazing look creating a perfect fashion statement.

This design is amazingly detailed and lets you enjoy every line in Goku’s character. A nostalgic design hailing from the world of pop culture. The design not only captures the spirit of the show but also lends a strength to its wearer that only a few other designs can replicate. In short a beautiful, concise and detailed T-shirt for men that makes a perfect fashion statement while tugging at the nostalgic strings in your heart.

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