Marvel Superheros Furious Eyes T-Shirt

Marvel Superheros Furious Eyes T-Shirt

Marvel universe has given some of the most amazing superheroes to the comic book fans. This design celebrates all the greats from the Marvel in a stylish collage. The comic style detailed caricature of each superhero represents the character and personality of the superhero.

Standing tall on the top with his flowing locks and his signature winged helmet stands mighty Thor the guardian of the earth who withstood the might and cunning of Loki. Followed by Hulk in all his mad glory, this green man would crush your bones to the pulp without breaking a sweat.

Ironman stares with his blank mechanical eyes but holding a deep intelligence in them. Captain America shows the spirit of man to stand in the face of adversity and still come out victorious and finally a bit cracked, a bit morally corrupt and hilarious dead pool. A colorful design combining elegance and fashion sense would bring out the superhero in you.

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